Saturday, 25 October 2014

Further information about Exhibition 3rd November



Monday 3rd November 12 noon to 8pm at St Gregory’s School

SOBA - The South of Bath Alliance alerts all residents to view an exhibition showing the plans for the development of land (Sulis Down) on South Stoke Plateau

The exhibition is being staged by the developer from whom you should have received an invitation in the post. This is the first step in the formation of a Master Plan for the development. This must involve consultation with the local community and given the short notice (and low key press announcement) about the exhibition, we advise all those interested to attend and view the proposals. You will find out more about how these plans might affect you and you will have an opportunity to express your views.

The South of Bath Alliance was formed by members of the local community to oppose the development of land at South Stoke Plateau for housing and to protect this part of Bath’s Green Belt. Now that the Core Strategy has been approved, SOBA’s task is to ensure that development is kept within the restrictions imposed by the Planning Inspector and to ensure that it does not damage the remaining Green Belt and the Cotswold AONB.

If you would like to give us your comments about the proposals, to participate in SOBA or simply to find out more, please contact us by sending your comments to:

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