Thursday, 21 May 2015

Peter Duppa-Miller

It is with sadness that we no longer have Peter Duppa-Miller as one of our members. With Peter passing away we have lost a huge advocate for the area, and such a huge amount of knowledge and experience. We will always remember the efforts Peter has put in to us trying to achieve our objectives.

SOBA objectives

SOBA was originally set up to stop the building of houses on the Southstoke plateau. With the ruling of the government inspector allowing around 300 houses to be built that objective is lost. As part of the work by SOBA members a number of key points were agreed by the inspector, to maintain as much of the environment that we have fought to retain. The new objective of SOBA is to ensure that these hard fought points are included in the new development.

Timetable update

Since the last SOBA meeting we have received the following summary of the expected progress of the “Sulis Down” Masterplan. July 2015. Public Consultation on a Draft Masterplan. Sept/Oct 2015. Draft Masterplan will be submitted to B&NES’ Planning committee for comment. Jan 2016. 1st Planning Application likely to be submitted. This would then go to The councils planning meeting in Mar/Apr 2016