Thursday, 26 June 2014

Save South Stoke Plateau

An independent planning inspector has approved Bath and North East Somerset Council's Core Strategy.

His decision means that 300 homes could now be built on the land at Odd Down, otherwise known as South Stoke Plateau.

The plan has to go through many stages before building can start - not least a Full Council meeting on July 10 when councillors will vote on the Core Strategy.

The South of Bath Alliance is bitterly disappointed. As Green Belt and a designated Area of
Outstanding Natural Beauty, South Stoke Plateau is supposed to have the highest level of protection.

Yet, despite all the arguments against - not least the damage to the South Stoke Conservation Area - the threat to Bath's UNESCO status and the Wansdyke Scheduled Ancient Monument - this development appears to have been given the go-ahead.

If houses are built at South Stoke Plateau, this land will be lost forever.

We believe there would be no need to breach the Green Belt if Bath's existing brownfield sites were fully exploited. And what happened to the brownfield first assurances?

Lobby your councillor

We urge all our supporters and all those who care about Bath's unique setting to lobby their councillors ahead of the Full Council vote on the Core Strategy on July 10.

This is an opportunity for councillors to vote with their conscience and put a stop to this vandalism.

Click here to find your local councillor.

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